The City of Losgard

Losgard is a big city, former capital of country called Morvania. Its population counts more than 60 000 people.


City is ruled by empire which conquered the nation of Morvania three centuries ago. The official head of government is imperial governor who is also supervisor of whole Morvania province.

Empire doesn’t gets its hands dirty and rule using native nobility and city council as proxies.

Empire isn’t benevolent ruler but it usually minds its own business and lets people take care of theirs as long as they not cause troubles.


Losgard is composed from folowing ditricts:

The Pit

The Pit is center of the poorest part of Losgard and place not reached by sity laws. In fact it boubaries are more ar les defined by region wgere law enforcment officials won’t go unless specifically ordered.

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The City of Losgard

The City of Losgard AGrzes