Law enforcment in Losgard


Officials representing law in Losgard are called constables. Currently there are 47 of them with no clear order of precedence between them other than there are three extraordinary constables ranking higher than rest. Each of ordinary constables have a part of city assigned to them in which they act as main and only repentant of city law in criminal cases and as mediator and arbiter in civil cases.

Limited area of responsibility means that if crime isn’t very serious and criminal wasn’t caught in act there is good chance that constable wouldn’t bother to prosecute it id it require investigation outside of his area. Of course unless there is some personal animosity, constables are perfectly able to investigate and chase outside their region. If they want to.

Extraordinary constables doesn’t have assigned region, so theoretically they should prosecute crimes on city level, but they usually are to occupied by city politics to actually chase criminals. Extraordinary constables investigates mostly high profile cases in which prominent people or organizations show interest. As interests are commonly contradicting, extraordinary constables frequently works against each other.

Current extraordinary constables Alberto Kaltitz, Gabriela Werliverlack, Macy Degna

City Guard

While constables are representing city law and have power to interpret it and apply to common situations, the actual law enforcement is cared on by city guards. Those men (mostly) are organized in semi military manner. They are uniformed, quartered in guard barracks and posts. They are subject to discipline all around the clock but get day of every few days.

They main role is to patrol city streets day and night, arrest criminals caught in act and chase fleeing from crime scene, end brawls and quarrels, detain individuals disturbing peace. They also assist constables and city officials when they request. Act as riot police, organize firefighting, protect public buildings and events.

City guards seldom shows initiative, prefer to stay with their routine, not show too much curiosity and so forth. When they feel that they control situation, guards likes to show who is in charge, but in doubt they tend to call for backup or walk away hoping situation resolves itself. They are fairly competent in doing what they are ordered to. In most guard posts guard sergeants motivated by higher pay, position and real power tends to keep guardsmen in line and ensure that they perform they duty, but there are some exceptions. It is generally accepted that minor bribery is privilege of guardsmen as long it is still minor and hard to trace.

There are three main guard barracks in the city, two smaller holding 40 guardsmen each, and bigger for 80 guards, biggest barracks also acts as city jail. there are also 16 guard posts inside city and 5 gate posts. In sum there are about 300 guardsmen in whole city.

Each guardsman is equipped with jackets, dark blue tunics and metal helmets. They have big wooden shields but don’t usually care them, in guard armory there are enough swords and crossbows for every guard but most choose clubs or spears as they weapons of choice.

Imperial Military

Imperial army is in charge of protecting governor, imperial district, and whole city from outside threats. As outside threats are almost unheard of and nobody is really want to openly attack imperial officials, there is no much work for soldiers of empire. There usually two companies (100 soldiers each) stationed in the city, one

Law enforcment in Losgard

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